Thursday, July 16

In many B2B companies the online marketing tasks are handled by the IT department. Brian made addressed this issue in his recent post Big 80s marketing will not return big online conversions saying: need to change the culture, just ask your IT manager to write a press release for you. You’ll probably get a blank stare. It’s equally absurd to have them handling your company’s most valuable communications tool – your Web site.

The marketing department of a company should be the holding the pole position as far as the non technical issues of website are considered. The online marketing strategy has to be in coherence with the overall marketing strategy.

As per a study done some time back nearly 67% of people said that their online search was a result of the offline marketing channels. This necessitates a certain degree of integration between online and offline marketing campaigns which cannot be possible till the time the online marketing is handled by dedicated marketing department.


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